The Second American Revolution

As our founding fathers did, we must rise up and overthrow the tyranny of our imperial government—an elite, 535-member noble class above the law who are imposing their will on us and our children for generations to come.

We are recruiting a new “Continental Army” to wage war in the 2014 election cycle and elect federal legislators who will sponsor the Restore America Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Will you help us take our country back?

  1. READ the Restore America Amendment
  2. SIGN the Petition to end Congressional Tyranny
  3. LEAD the revolution in your local community

The IRS and Corruption

The current IRS scandal should pave the way for the elimination of the IRS.

Ask yourself: Is it possible to correct the current system and ensure future generations are not faced with government coercion and intimidation of the kind to which the public is now and has historically been subjected?

This is not a partisan question. Both parties have used the IRS in its relatively short history to bludgeon political enemies. The Nixon and the Obama use of the IRS to attack their respective enemy lists demonstrate the ability of this government agency to be bent to the will of the … Continue Reading

Just a Thought: The Assault on Religious Freedom


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Have you heard, “The power to tax is the power to destroy”?

The quote is from Chief Justice John Marshall in 1819 and the truth of the statement should be a warning to all of us holding traditional values.

There is a movement to tax organizations that do not support politically correct positions on human sexuality. It is being suggested that groups like Little League Baseball, Boy Scouts of America and Future Farmers of America should lose their tax exempt status because of their discriminatory policies concerning gay rights.

Opponents of the new laws say, “Traditional values regarding human sexuality are being branded racist, so there is a genuine fear that the tax code will become the battleground against traditional churches.”

Churches beware, the government is considering punishing traditional values by taxing any organization bold enough to stand against the homosexual agenda and the pro-abortion movement.

In an effort to destroy any opposition, the day is coming when the government will tax Christians for the privilege of holding conservative Biblical values.

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