Restore America: The 28th Amendment

Revised 02/24/2010

Section 1: The Legislative Branch

a. No person shall be elected to the House of Representatives from the same congressional district for more than three consecutive full terms. Nor shall any person be elected to the Senate for more than two consecutive full terms. These term limits are effective upon ratification and apply to all sitting elected officials.

b. All federal legislators shall be considered employees of the state they represent in the Congress. The various states shall be empowered to determine the level of compensation including pay, retirement and healthcare benefits that their legislators shall receive for their service, but it may never be less than the compensation in place when this amendment is ratified. The amount of compensation appropriated for this purpose by the Congress in the year this amendment is ratified shall be transferred annually the first day of each fiscal year to the states.

c. In the event a member of Congress is accused of criminal misconduct, the Attorney General of the state represented by the delegate shall be responsible to determine the appropriate course of action. In the event of a conspiracy involving delegates from more than one state the various Attorneys General shall agree together on the appropriate course of action. This authority does not supersede the “Speech or Debate Clause”, but that clause shall be given the strictest interpretation.

Section 2: The Federal Budget

a. The federal budget must be balanced within 7 years of the ratification of this amendment and every year thereafter.

b. The federal budget including entitlements may never exceed 20% of the previous year’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

c. Provisions a. and b. above are rescinded if the President requests and the Congress passes a formal declaration of war. During the period of hostilities, the budget may be in deficit to the degree needed to defend the American people.

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