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Sunday, November 4, 2012 is the Sunday prior to the national election. The purpose of Citizens’ Sunday is to emphasize Christian responsibilities as they relate to their citizenship.

Too many Christians seem to believe that the political arena represents the secular world and that Christians should refrain from participation. The church should remain above the political fray and that participation sullies the Bride of Christ.

Others rightfully recognize that what the nation needs is spiritual revival and that revival cannot be accomplished at the ballot box and therefore they do not participate.

Still others are concerned about the entanglement of church and state. They support the first amendment right establishing the separation of church and state and interpret that to mean the church should abstain from participating in the political process.

The package prepared for Citizen’s Sunday is designed to help encourage a factual Biblical view of the responsibilities of every Christian to represent Scriptural values in the secular world and that includes being informed, voting and expressing those values at every opportunity opportunity.


The Citizen’s Sunday planning package includes the following materials available for free download:

The material will be made available electronically at

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