Congressional Corruption IQ Test

Do you believe that our elected officials care more about their political careers than they do about what is best for the country?

Do you believe the Congress acted irresponsibly in passing a 1000 page 1 trillion dollar spending bill without even reading it or holding any public hearings?

Do you believe Congress has abused its power in authorizing the federal takeover of our banks, financial institutions and automobile industries?

Do you believe Congress is becoming more and more corrupt?

Do you believe that Congress is destroying the foundation of our free market economy by running up a 10 trillion dollar debt?

Do you believe that we have a duty to provide new safeguards to ensure our liberties for future generations?

Responses to “Congressional Corruption IQ Test”

  1. Foy Gabbard said:

    Sep 12, 09 at 8:08 am

    I believe that America was founded under Christian principles and initially developed it’s own culture. In 1907 Teddy said that any immigrant should be welcome as long as they accepted the culture and language of America and swore to adhere to our culture and heritage. I think that these things should be incorporated into your amendment. I want America back.

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